Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day seven. Boy, these posts sure are long and picture heavy. Anyway last day of Kyoto was spent at the usual temple towns. Kyoto is filled with so much history and serene culture. The coldest among the three cities that we visited too. Skies are always so pretty in Japan, I really think I could live there someday (well, maybe if I took up the language first). Seeing snow after so many years since I left my childhood home in Canada. Not as heavy and thick, but blissful (though bitterly freezing) nonetheless. The Fushimi Inari Temple is such a great beauty, really one of my favorites out of the lot. We were fortunate enough to see some girls in the Geisha get-ups posing for pictures. Honestly speaking, so much easier to capture their pictures than having to chase after the real ones since they naturally avoid tourist hounds. The outfits were gorgeous, I should really try one someday on my next visit. That's definitely another one on my checklist.