Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Halloweezy. Mookata on the Friday holiday. Frankly, overpriced for the amount of food's worth and nothing too special in taste either, at least not enough to entice me back for another round. Saturday -- urgh don't even get me started on the whole USS Halloween shit. The event was so badly managed and an absolute time waster. The only credit I'd give would be the great layout and efforts in themes, but other that it  was a 99% standing-and-waiting experience for me, and I absolutely hate waiting. On the bright side, I finally managed to take the Transformers ride (after another fucking sore hour's wait) for the first time, which is good so that I probably won't be so eager to return to USS so soon just for it cause I can't stand all that waiting stuff going on. But of course, at least some good food managed to soften the blow of the day. Canadian pancakes, mm sooooo good. Well okay, the syrup wasn't too distinguished and I don't even eat jam, but the fluffiness and crsip of the pancakes were enough to make me swoon. I'm a waffles and pancakes with maple syrup sorta girl. A Canadian having it Canadian style.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Sunday, 28 October 2012

1. The sweltering heat and lack of air-conditioning luxuries is abso-fucking-lutely killing me. I feel like I need to punch someone.
2. USS Halloween - albeit the intense effort in decorations and themes, the whole thing was a major flop to me, a major time-waster and total money sucker.
3. The long weekend is ending, major B O O to that.
4. I need more sleep.
5. I need more sleep.
6. I need more sleep.
7. But I can't sleep. God fucking weather.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Hello long weekend, we're ready for you.

Who's out to scare this Halloween?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Saturday. Buffet lunch with my pal T. For once, I think I ate about enough of my money's worth as I literally puked once and was bursting through the seams. I think I shall pass on buffets for now, I admit I can no longer keep up anymore and (Hello?) a waistline to watch out for. So I chanced on bringing the camera out for a spin this past weekend for some random shots. Incidentally I did quite a fair bit of walking about too so note the random scenery shots here and there. I've come to realize that I always whisk out the cam only for holiday travels and the rare special occasion. I'm not much of a self-shot taker with it (there's Instagram for that, duh), so the cam is usually reserved for the more 'whimsical' and candid pictures. And yes, I love taking photos of my food. Like who doesn't? 

Sunday. Supposedly it was meant to be flea day, which I was half dreading and anticipating at the same time. Anticipation, for the extra dosh for obvious reasons; dread, well basically I'm possibly the world's laziest asshole and I absolutely hate sweating under the sweltering humid heat. Note the shitload of boxes stacked at the back of the car. Yeah, that's 3 boxes and 3 huge bagfuls of stuff, all mine readied to be sold. But, the fucking weather took an absolute turn to pouring rain and the darn flea was cancelled five minutes after the rain came to a drizzling stop. Ugh, just my luck. So instead, I ended up with more food yet again. Thank God for the last minute urge to swim and killing 30 laps. But anyway at this point, I'm getting rather desperate to clear off stuff to fund for my upcoming Japan trip. I mean, braces (blaming the dentist for lousy receptionists) and a long holiday in just a month's span are just about to kill my Chanel's worth of budget. Oh, and have I mentioned that we (Japan travel mates) just finally got the rail pass and Disney tickets? Yep, thats another $556 outta the pocket. -cry gif- These next two months will be an absolute thrifty challenge... OH. And I just bought something off eBay.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

I still catch myself feeling blue about things that don't matter anymore.
- Kurt Vonnegut

Friday, 19 October 2012

T-shirt - The Cult of Nine // Sunglasses - Karen Walker

Sister showin' some serious love for the camo season.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Yakuza Moon. So work's been pretty mundane of late, its the low period and everything's pretty much toned down and all. So um yeah, what with being absolutely bored to the core at times with no assignment on hand, I read (thank God for e-books, hallelujah). Given that I've just, and finally, finished Fifty (I prefer naming it Kinky) Shades, it is time to move on to some new material. Less of moaning conversations and on to the real deal in literature.

So back to the topic on hand, I chose this book as my next read: Memoirs of A Gangster's Daughter
Expectantly, the book covers a great deal of the author, Shoko Tendo, and her living life and hell. Drugs, violence, sex, etc, you name it you got it. Extremely cringing and shocking content, yet the book speaks much of family, love and sorrow. And I gotta admit, I teared up reading the ending part (imagine my panic at tearing up at work, thank God -again- for office cubicles!). And the ink, well let's just say it would take loads of balls to take up so much, especially for a lady living in a world cultured to be against such acts. Admiration, I'd say.

Oh, and did I mention that I finished this book within just one afternoon?

And at work.

Uh huh, like a boss.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Love at first sight. They say you know it when you feel it. Uh huh, I sure did when I first set eyes on this baby of mine. After a long turmoil of searching for that perfect style and fit, I have finally found The (note the caps yo) jacket for me. Not just any jacket of course. Leather. Yes, smooth and fine-smelling leather always does it for me. Feels even better than a boyfriend could be -- to feel good and warm with that tinge of badass, how not to love? And the best bit, this bad boy didn't cost me an arm or leg. Yeah uh huh, I think I'm head over heels for this one.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Why hello there. As you can tell from the displayed picture, I may have been a tad too bored on a hot ass Sunday afternoon. If the optimistic side of you may think that I have been punched right to the eyeballs, sorry to disappoint. I kid. :) I was bored enough to experiment with one of the favorite videos I saved from the Pixiwoo duo, a tutorial on one of Kirsten Stewart's many looks (I dislike the girl and her atrocious acting but one's gotta admit that the girl can scrub up well at times though). Anyway, I've never really been able to master the full smokey-eyes look, and always have been the lazy sort. Some flick of a liner to do that easy cat-eye is what I live in possibly everyday.

Anyways -- the outcome of my make-up testing ended up darker than it should've been (it's supposed to be a richer plum, but mine looked a tinge too purplish. Ohhhh well.) but anyhow, looked rather satisfying enough for me this time. I should probably switch my going-out looks the next time round. I've pulled off my red lips for so many times its gets boring after some time. We'll see. Anyways, pictures after the cut.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nothing has been going on much lately. Aside all the usual boredom, I've been mainly engrossed with the latest Korean drama yadayada. I know I know, totally worth the eyeball-rolling, but hey its not called guilty pleasures for nothing, right? Plus, I'm bored and impatiently waiting for the new season of The Vampire Diaries to start and its taking forever, so let me indulge a bit in some Asian tastes (and the Korean guys are cute to say the least).

Anyway, so I just finished these two shows so far, To The Beautiful You and Queen In Hyun's Man. One thing about me with Korean dramas is, it either needs to have Lee Minho in it, or the storyline needs to be so goddamn interesting enough for me to even last 5 minutes into the show. The first show was so-so, your oh-so typical drama fairytale, girl likes boy boy doesn't like girl but ends up liking her and there's some bitch to honor some backstabbing in between but boy ends up with girl afterall the end, full stop. And just to explain, I watched it because it comes close to one of those kiddish Japanese rom-com comic books (I know, back to the eyeball-rolling) back in the day when I was all nerdy and stuff. Cute little characters and giggly bits, but not oh-so impressive, end of story. The latter though, I hadn't even expected myself to last even 2 minutes (I personally hate ancient day dramas). But this one combined both ancient history and modern day times, and just into the first episode and I was instantly hooked, no shit. I usually take my sweet time watching these, but I managed to finish the series in just two days (thanks boss). The unusual storyline, mysterious twists and captivating main casts just did it for me, and not to mention the extremely great on-screen (and now, off-screen too) chemistry. And I always feel bummed when I finish a good show. I mean, I'd rather watch this again than read my Fifty Shades now. Speaking of which, I'm only just slightly on to my third book, but taking forever to finish reading (me and my OCD-ness, I insist on finishing the damn series, just like the Twi-fucking-light movies).

And now, reading back on this post, I feel like such a geek. I've even resorted to writing about K-drama shit. -left brow raised- God I really need a life.

Wait up for Japan pictures, people. (if anyone's even reading)